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Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop 2022 -Sessions Booking-

Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop 2022 -Sessions Booking-

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Tue 12:00 PM
Thu 1:00 PM
Hotel Barceló Sants
Plaça dels Països Catalans, Barcelona
The sale has ended.

Dear partner, We are pleased to welcome you to the TechCommunity Workshop session booking page.

With the agenda 100% complete, you are now able to check detailed information on all sessions(opens in a new tab) and pick the workshops and breakout sessions you would like to attend!

Please make sure you do your session booking until the 7th of October - the platform will be closed afterwards.

If you are still not registered for the event, don’t miss the opportunity to grab the last available tickets here(opens in a new tab).

If you’re registered be sure to check the final agenda file(opens in a new tab), get to know everything about the sessions and take a look at some quick instructions on how to book your desired sessions.

Once ready just click on “buy tickets”, add the desired sessions to the basket (1 session per timeslot), click on “Details & Pay”, fill in the requested information and click on “Proceed to payment”.

You’ll then receive your complete agenda via email.

See you soon!

Take a look at the agenda and all details regarding the sessions. – click here.(opens in a new tab)

Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop 2022 -Sessions Booking-
Hotel Barceló Sants
The sale has ended.
Tue 12:00 PM
Thu 1:00 PM
Hotel Barceló Sants
Plaça dels Països Catalans, Barcelona


skors Product & Marketing Solutions e.K.

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(opens in a new tab)(opens in a new tab)Event Terms and Conditions "Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop 2022"(opens in a new tab)

(opens in a new tab)We are glad, that you have found your way onto this site, which is giving you important and useful information on the terms and conditions for the Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop 2022 Technical Event (“TechComm”). Please take a little time to read the following thoroughly. If you like, you can save or print this text via mouse-click.

Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop 2022

Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop 2022 is a technical expert event (“Event”) enabled by Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH (“Fujitsu”) for its European Fujitsu sales partners, presales consultants and systems engineers.

The Event will take place in Barcelona on October 11 – 13, 2022. A Fujitsu internal meeting will take place on October 10, 2022. The aim of the Event is a face-to-face technical conference for Fujitsu top partners’ presales consultants and systems engineers, targeting 180 participants from the top SELECT Infinity, SELECT Circle and SELECT Expert partners. Fujitsu reserves the option to change the Event in a virtual event, if and when required.

Organizer of the Event is the company skors Product & Marketing Solutions e.K., Am Ohlenstück 171, 60437 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (“Organizer”).

The Organizer is your contractual partner for the Event, in particular for your purchase of access and participation rights, reservations and coupons (altogether hereinafter "Tickets") for the Event.

Please note that the Organizer makes use of technology platforms, software and services operated by Intero Operations & Services GmbH and its brand Snapticket (hereinafter "Snapticket") together with its affiliated companies. Snapticket is not a ticket broker and is not the organizer of any Event.

What we expect you to comply with

Subject to your acceptance of the following Event specific Terms and Conditions of Fujitsu and our policies (including the Fujitsu Data Privacy Policy) and the Event Terms of the Organizer we grant you as representative of your company a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable right to join the event TechCommunity Workshop 2022 (“Event”) and to use our services in and around the Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop 2022, as further set out below.

Event specific Terms and Conditions

I. General

1. General: The Event is offered exclusively for Fujitsu partners who are in contact with Fujitsu. It is not offered for consumers, end customers and or private customers. You must not be minor and you may participate in the Event only upon valid purchase and full payment of a Ticket by the Organizer and upon accepting the Organizer’s terms and conditions ( in a new tab). Please note that you act for and on behalf of your respective partner company. As such, you must be authorized by your company to register for the Event and represent your company during the Event. If the context or purpose of each paragraph so requires, the terms “you” and/or „Participant" used in these Event Conditions shall include both the Participant and the Participant's Company.

2. Registration for the Event and use of your personalized URL (if applicable)

You register for the Event by purchasing and paying a Ticket for the Event based on Organizer’s terms and conditions.

Only in case the Event has to be modified in a virtual event, in addition the following shall apply:

Every Participant has the responsibility to keep his/her personal registration data as well as his/her personalized URL safe. The personalized URL is not transferable. It is within the Participant’s sole responsibility to secure his/her personalized URL and avoid any misconduct. In case you should discover that there might exist any danger of misuse of your personalized URL or your personal registration data, you shall immediately inform Fujitsu and the Organizer. Fujitsu and Organizer shall then take measures to deny access to the respective registration data and URL without undue delay. Notwithstanding the above however, Fujitsu shall not be liable in contract, tort or under any legal theory that might considered to be applicable, for any damages resulting from the abuse of any registration data and/or personalized URL, unless such abuse was caused through the intentional or gross negligent behavior of an Fujitsu employee or a third party acting on behalf of Fujitsu. In addition, Fujitsu reserves the right, at any time and without having to indicate any specific reasons, to cancel or limit the Participant’s right to access by blocking its URL.

In addition, when joining the Event, in particular in your communication, you shall ensure not to engage in any of the following activities: i) breach public morality in your manner of use and/or communication; ii) violate any intellectual property right or any other proprietary right; iii) upload any contents containing a virus, so-called Trojan Horse, or any other program that could damage data; iv) transmit, store or upload hyperlinks or contents to which you are not entitled, in particular in cases where such hyperlinks or contents are in breach of confidentiality obligations or unlawful;

3. Cancellation/Changes:

Any rights for cancellation and/or modification shall be as agreed between Participant and Organizer. However, in the event of non-participation for any reason whatsoever, the Participant shall have no claim whatsoever against Fujitsu and the Organizer. The right to participate in the Event cannot be transferred to another person without the prior consent of Fujitsu and Organizer. Fujitsu and Organizer reserve the right to change, replace or cancel all or individual parts of the Event. Fujitsu and Organizer shall also be entitled to use other speakers instead of those announced or to change the program of the Event.

4. Elements of the Event:

The Event includes only the elements explicitly mentioned in the invitation and on the event website. Some elements of the Event may be provided by third party suppliers (e.g., partners, service providers, etc.). Subject to paragraph IV of these Event Conditions, Fujitsu shall have no liability in relation to any event elements provided by a third-party supplier. Third party suppliers may stipulate their own terms, conditions, restrictions or safety instructions, which need to be accepted by Participant as a condition for getting or using the event element. Participation in the Event, its workshops and sessions shall be on the Participant`s own responsibility. Fujitsu will support the arrangement for the workshops and sessions, but will not take the role and responsibility of a tour operator or event agency. Unless expressly stated otherwise by Fujitsu, the Event does not include insurance. It will be the responsibility of the Participant to take out at his/her owns cost all relevant insurance (including but not limited to health and travel insurance, insurance for theft, loss and damage to property) which may be required or prudent to obtain. The Participant must hold a current and valid passport and any other relevant travel documentation (e.g. visa) required for travel to and entry to destination of the Event.

5. Copyright:

Any material, information, content, text, or other files can be wholly or partially subject to the copyright of third parties or Fujitsu. All trademarks and brand names that are mentioned in the Event and on its material are possibly protected by third parties unrestrictedly subject to the provisions of the respective valid labeling act and the ownership rights of the registered owners. The fact that a trademark has merely been named in the Event should not imply that trademarks are not protected by the rights of third parties or of Fujitsu. Any material shared or disclosed during the Event may only be used personally by the Participant and may only be reproduced, published or otherwise passed on to third parties in whole or in part with the prior written consent of Fujitsu.

6. Videos and photos:

Your recording of the Event, e.g. on audio or video tapes, is not permitted. Please note: Fujitsu reserves the right to make or have made commercial picture and video recordings of the Event and to use them for marketing purposes. Further information will be available at the Event location.

7. Review:

Following the Event, Fujitsu may contact you by e-mail or phone, in order to review the Event, to learn about your opinions on the Event or to provide you further information on the Event. For further details please see Section III.

II. Compliance

1. General:

All invitations by Fujitsu are subject to approval by your employer. With your registration you confirm that your participation is in line with all applicable rules you have to comply with.

It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure that the participation in the Event is not in contradiction with the strategy of the Participant`s company.

At Fujitsu's request, the Participant is required to provide evidence that participation in the Event complies with the internal rules and policies of its company. Fujitsu may exercise this right even after the Event has ended.

Each Participant is responsible for ensuring that the participation data is correct. Participants using any unauthorized assistance or tools or obtaining an advantage in any way via any type of manipulation shall be excluded from the Event. Fujitsu also reserves the right to exclude participants from the Event who infringe these Event Conditions or who provide participant data that should prove to be false.

2. Event

Fujitsu and Organizer provide the Participant with the opportunity to participate in the Event upon purchase of a ticket. The ticket covers a substantial part of the personal benefits provided to the participant in the course of the Event (e.g., accommodation, meals & beverages), but not the full costs. Fujitsu will carry the exceeding costs as well as all organizational costs of the Event, with the support of our sponsors.

If you need the details of the cost calculation prior to the Event to understand if you need to obtain additional internal approvals from your employer, please approach your Fujitsu account manager.

III. Data Privacy

1. General

Fujitsu undertakes and agrees to comply with all applicable requirements under an applicable law on data protection or data privacy, including (when applicable) the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, including any applicable amendment, re-enactment or replacement of it from time to time (“GDPR”) and any applicable EU Member State implementation laws of it, as well as other relevant data protection regulations for the handling, support and evaluation of the Event and for the purpose of optimizing the Event.

We expect that you will only transfer to Fujitsu and the Organizer own personal data, such as name, job title, company, company address, country and e-mail address ("Personal Data") as is necessary to perform the relevant service and comply with all applicable legal requirements.

All your personal data will be collected, processed and used by Fujitsu on the basis of consent given by you in accordance with Art. 6.1, lit. A) GDPR. In respect of the Organizer, the Organizer is independent Controller of your personal data. For further details please see the data privacy statement of the Organizer.

Your personal data will be used for the purpose of processing and receiving your registration for the Event. In addition, Fujitsu shall only use the transferred data in order to perform the relevant service or as well as anonymously for evaluations and quality assurance measures.

In order to offer you a more consistent experience in your interactions with Fujitsu in respect of the Event, information (including your personal data: name, surname, email address, job title, company, country) collected through the Organizer may be combined with information Fujitsu obtains through other sources. We may also supplement the information we collect with information obtained from other parties, including our contractually authorized third parties, e.g. distributors or technology partners.

2. Subcontractors

Fujitsu may engage sub-contractors (i) for the services provided within the Event, and, (ii) to work anonymously for purposes of statistical evaluation and quality assurance, or (iii) where agreed, as sub-processors for the processing of Personal Data in accordance with Article 28 para. 4 GDPR. Such subcontractors may be located outside of the European Economic Area.

Further information on sub-contractors engaged by Fujitsu is available upon request, if not already included in the publications of Fujitsu. To the extent Fujitsu relies on the services of subcontractors for the processing of Personal Data, Fujitsu shall remain responsible for the performance of all its obligations under the dedicated services provided within the context of the Event. In any case, when employing subcontractors for deliveries or the performance of services, Fujitsu is obliged to impose the appropriate obligations as per this Statement also on the subcontractors.

Fujitsu ensures that its arrangements with its subcontractors are governed by relevant legal mechanisms and safeguards including data transfer agreements, designed to ensure that your personal information is protected, on terms approved for this purpose by the European Commission.

In case of questions, please contact

Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 80807 München Germany Tel: +49 (89) 62060-0 E-Mail: [email protected]

3. Company Name

The Participant herewith explicitly agrees that her/his company's name can be published by Fujitsu on a dedicated Fujitsu Event web site for Event purposes.

4. Participant’s Name

The Participant may agree during the registration process that his/her first and last name may be published on a list of participants, in addition to the company name, in the Event documentation.

5. Withdrawal of consent

If the Participant withdraws his/her consent under data protection law, Fujitsu may no longer use the corresponding personal data from this point in time. For such withdrawal the following link can be used: in a new tab) Should this result in disadvantages for the Participant, the Participant cannot derive any legal claims against Fujitsu.

6. Organizer of the Event:

The company skors Product & Marketing Solutions e.K., Am Ohlenstück 171, 60437 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is organizer of the Event. skors Product & Marketing Solutions e.K. has mandated Intero Operations & Services GmbH, Arabellastraße 30, 81925 München, Germany to provide the platform. As such Intero Operations & Services GmbH is a data processor of skors Marketing Solutions e.K.. To the extent skors Product & Marketing Solutions e.K. relies on the services of Intero Operations & Services GmbH for the processing of Personal Data, skors Product & Marketing Solutions e.K. shall remain responsible for the performance of all its obligations under the dedicated services provided within the context of the Event.

skors Product & Marketing Solutions e.K. privacy statement can be found here: General terms and conditions of: in a new tab) Privacy policy: in a new tab)

Intero Operations & Services GmbH privacy statement can be found here: General terms and conditions: in a new tab) Data privacy policy (German & English language): in a new tab)

7. Conclusion

Fujitsu is obliged to comply with the applicable statutory data protection regulations (including, but not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU). Further information can be found in the Fujitsu Privacy Policy(opens in a new tab) ( in a new tab)).

IV. Limitation of Liability

1. Fujitsu shall only be liable for damages caused by Fujitsu or one of its representatives as a result of intentional or grossly negligent acts or as a result of a breach of essential contractual obligations. Fujitsu shall not be liable for any consequential damages, especially lost profits, cancellation of operations, interruption of operations, or loss of data unless such liability should be mandatory at law. As far as the liability can be excluded or limited according to law, but has not yet been excluded or limited elsewhere within these Event Conditions, it is limited to €10.000,- per damaging incident, up to an aggregate maximum sum of €50.000,- .This limitation of liability does not apply to damages resulting from injury to body or health or to cases of liability under the Product Liability Act. A change in the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the Participant is not associated with the above provisions.

2. Fujitsu shall not be liable for any claims, losses or damages arising out of or in connection with the Participant's failure to comply his obligations, in particular in respect of Sections II and III. The Participant indemnifies Fujitsu against any such claims, losses or damages.

3. The Participant acknowledges that Fujitsu expressly excludes any liability for the continuous technical availability of the Event. Fujitsu additionally reserves the right to stop operating and/or providing fully or partially the Event or limit the access to it at any time and without further notice.

4. As far as any information originates from a third party, it has been adopted without any alteration, unless indicated otherwise. Fujitsu’s liability for any damages due to incorrectness, incompleteness, or missing actuality of the information supplied as well as any liability for damages resulting out of any possible misinterpretation of the supplied information by the Participant, shall be limited to cases of gross negligence or intentional behavior of Fujitsu.

V. Content and material of the Event

1. General: Please note: Fujitsu makes no representation that any content, information, software and/or documentation showed, offered or otherwise communicated during the Event are appropriate or available for viewing or downloading at locations in other countries worldwide. Any and all Participants are themselves exclusively responsible for compliance with all applicable local laws. Access to the Event's content information, software and/or documentation from countries, where such content is unlawful is expressly prohibited. If software, services and/or products are offered for download by Fujitsu, any and all use of such software and/or products shall be subject to the relevant license conditions of the legitimate supplier or manufacturer (license agreement).

2. Export Control: The cross border performance of services, including of technical know-how and/or service/product documentation may require - for example on account of their destination, nature or purpose - official or government approval. As far as such services are destined for performance abroad, and/or products and/or documentation are destined for export, you and Fujitsu shall cooperate in providing information on request as necessary to obtain any required licenses and approvals in accordance with the valid export control regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union (EU), the United States of America (USA) or any other affected country. You shall comply with the corresponding sanction lists issued by the European Union, the German Federal Government, US export authorities or any other relevant country, e.g. European Sanctions List, Denied Persons List as well as any other valid advisory notices from the appropriate authorities as amended from time to time. An infringement of the provisions in this section shall be considered as a fundamental breach and you shall be exclusively liable for any resulting damages. Fujitsu shall not be obliged to supply products or perform services if such supply or performance would violate export control regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, and the United States, Japan or other countries.

VI. Applicable law and jurisdiction, final provisions

1. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction: German law, excluding conflict of laws provisions, shall apply. The place of jurisdiction shall be Munich, Germany

2. Final provisions: Should any of these Event Conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. Deviating general terms and conditions of the Participant shall not apply.(opens in a new tab)(opens in a new tab)

(opens in a new tab)(opens in a new tab)

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